Baby's Gone Wild

words and music by John Eddie

She left without my blessing
But my baby left just the same
Now look at how she's dressing
Showing every little thing but shame
Take it from a boy who's been there
Forget you ever heard my baby's name
She's a front-row ticket to a broken heart
Wild and she can't be tamed

Well my baby's gone wild
And she can't be tamed
I don't know who to hurt, don't know who to blame
She oughta be with me
She oughta be ashamed
It's a no-win situation boys
Wild and she can't be tamed

She sees me watching and the show begins
It's a down-right sin and a shame
My heart's wide open and I'm hopin' she
Might show some mercy please
But she don't , she just takes aim
My baby she takes aim
And then she hits me