Big Bad World

words and music by John Eddie

I ride lonesome scared black top
I throw the shadow of a desperate man
I tell you nothing
That's what I've got
And what I had slipped through my hands
And so I fall in the arms of someone
You know I hate it when those blue eyes cry
And now I pray for the strength
to hold on to the good things in my life

Well it's a big bad world
Well they can turn a man hard
put his faith on trial
A big bad world
Ya gotta find yourself someone
to make it all seem worth while

She says her whole life she's been kicked around
She knows the sound of a slamming door
Sometimes I find out when she breaks down
curled up crying on the bedroom floor
She says boy can you make a promise
You know I like the way a promise sounds
And now I watch her fight
to let go of a love that drags her down


Well now the bad world just moves on
Well someone cries
Someones gone
You hear about it everyday
Ah with a kiss goodbye they blow their worlds away

Well maybe we just fell together
Hey maybe it ain't love at all
What don't die lasts forever
So baby let the hard rain fall no no no