words and music by John Eddie

Well I heard the news
you got a rock on your finger
a honeymoon cruise
You changed your name
damn it baby it just don't fit
I can't get used to it

Well I can't deny
you made me the offer
I passed it by
you make it clear
you wouldn't wait
Well you set me free Buster
then you set the date

Be happy
Be well
believe me
I'll be fine
Buster don't talk bad about
the days that you were mine
Be happy
Be well
there's a part of me you own
It's in my heart
it keeps me warm
the nights I sleep alone
Oh Buster girl
most nights I sleep alone
whoa Buster baby

Remember our last fight
To find my way back home
it took me three whole nights
I came home drunk
the place was dark as sin
You wouldn't let me in
Oh well I should've tried
but I was just a boy full of too much pride
so damn sure
and so convinced
you'd be back to get me
but I haven't seen ya since


Well Buster
well I can't stay
you know how I get when you look this way
Kiss me once like your hand was free from gold
I won't tell a soul
and Buster
I should have told you then
you were my lover
and my truest friend
and rest assured
I won't forget
until I get the go ahead to take my final breath