words and music by John Eddie

I was a goner
I was a dead man
I wasn't nothing
til you held my life in your hands
I was drowning
Darkness all around me
Another lost soul baby til you found me

I was cold
until you touched me
Until you shook me up
Well if the truth be told
Well bless my soul
Now honey bless my soul
Hell I was Cold

I go out walking crazy after midnight
Running baby from the loneliness of this life
You start a fire burning deep inside me
You're good at giving baby love that's been denied me


Cold as a wall that comes between two lovers
Cold as the words they scream at one another
The fire burns out
They're standing in the ashes
The see the storm coming
They're praying that it passes

I'm at your mercy lying underneath you
Tell a thousand lies girl I'd still believe ya
You take me up to heaven
An angel up above me
The gates swing open everytime you love me


baby I was cold
honey I was cold
sugar I was cold