Living Doll

words and music by John Eddie

I come a knocking at her front door
Hard to believe that she's prettier than before
But she smiles pretty
my heart just stalls
I'm in love with a living doll

She walks and she talks
sometimes she talks too much
She cries real tears when she's hurt by such and such
I found her tossed away by an old boy friend
he must have been a fool
she's the living end

She's not the kind that you wrap up in a pretty bow
You shouldn't leave her in the backyard rain
A living doll's got a lot of places she could go
you play it dumb
you lose her
that's a shame

Now late at night before I go to bed
I try to say my prayers
I think of her instead
I fumble for the phone
I gotta make a last call
I gotta say goodnight to my living doll