Let Freedom Ring

words and music by John Eddie

First you buy a friendship ring
You get that girl a diamond ring
Well pretty soon two wedding rings
Well not for me let freedom ring

Let freedom ring for this lonely man
with worthless gold sitting on his hand
Let freedom ring for his fiancee
she left him alone on his wedding day

There's a bell in the chapel tower
The preacher rings it every hour
I wonder if they hear that bell
that lucky stranger an my mademoiselle

Let freedom ring for the newly weds
What should be mine is his instead

A lonely road runs to the sea
turn out that roads gonna ride with me
I'm gonna drive til I can't no more
and end up standing on that lonesome shore

Let freedom ring for the desperate kind
with nothing pretty sitting on his mind

Hear them waves come crashin in
Well bless me Father for I'm bound to sin
If where I'm headed is a place called hell
Save me a place next to mademoiselle
Let freedom ring for his lonely man
don't throw that gold ring in the sand
let freedom ring for his fiance
she left him lonely on his dying day