Hotel Down and Out

words and music by John Eddie

Here's my money Mr. Night Clerk
Can I have my ticket please,
Well does this bus run somewhere buddy
Where my failures wont find me.

I got a girl somewhere, she's cheating.
She's putting lipstick on his chest.
We had a fifteen dollar wedding,
I guess that's why it wasn't blessed.

Well if she wants to say she's sorry,
She's gonna have to shout (SHOUT!)
She can reach me Western Union
Down at the Hotel Down & Out.

I count the miles with each memory
it seems this highway never ends
I start to drift off and I'm so scared,
cause then the nightmares start again
And she's as dark as any dungeon
and she's as cold as death itself
I fall asleep and she's inside me
and waking up just doesn't help.

When I'm left alone a thinkin'
she's the girl I think about.
there's no escape, there's just a free bed
down at the Hotel Down & Out.

Gonna find some girl, tonight, I say my prayers
I hope it'll be alright.

So don't you laugh at any stranger
he's lookin' like he's played and lost.
cause there's a vacancy that's waitin'
one broken heart is all the cost.
You pack your bags up with your bad luck
Your reservation is your doubt,
Theres a bus to the destination,
They call the Hotel Down & Out.

Gonna find some girl, tonight
I say my prayers, I hope it'll be alright.