Please Jodi

words and music by John Eddie

Shake darling shake
Well I've got news
I'm shakin too
I'm not that brave
when it comes to you
We misbehave
do the things
they don't want us to

Well you kick off them jeans
put your hands inside my shirt
I'm living up to your momma's dirt
Now who is she kiddin this don't hurt
And Darlin
I'm kinda scared
I've got a confession
I ain't no pro
I'm a kid
I don't know but I'm guessing
And mercy me I hope I'm guessing right
Don't have to die to know what heavens like

Come on come on
Please Jodi
Your folks ain't at home
Come on come on
Please Jodi
Let's pretent we're grown
When I'm in your arms
not a thing gonna wreck my world
Girl I'm down on my knees
Please Jodi please

Pray Jodi pray
your daddy don't catch me like this
with his baby stealing more than a kiss
but what I steal
honey he won't miss
And Darling
those kisses you throw ain't for no one else to know
I cross my heart hope to die
I'll never tell a soul
You're dancing pretty on your daddy's sheets
so save the first that ya dance for me


You tell me you're confussed
Well that's great
I'm beat
I'm burning up
Baby don't you know
Some of us go
Some of us stay
I'm begging baby please don't go
but you're gonna go
I'm not dumb enough to think you're mine
If you leave you leave me something behind