Life Ain't Fair

words and music by John Eddie

So your heart grew tough
You're puttin' up a mean fight
Stop sign's up where
You used to give the green light
You shut the lights
Tear out the phone
No one's gonna hurt you, man
You're better off alone
And now your Daddy's gone
His dreams are dead and buried
Life goes on
Your best friend's getting' married
You raise a glass
You wish him all the best
You watch him settle down
You settle down for less

There's no denying, damn it
Life ain't fair
You do some cryin' then you just don't care
They say forever
Then they're just not there
Life ain't fair, damn it, life ain't fair
So live it up

So you waste your time
On wishing you were younger
You passed your prime
You feel you're goin' under
You catch a glimpse
Of a kid who looks like you
You wonder if he's gonna do
The things you said you'd do
You miss back home
The summers you were wild
The punches thrown
That missed you by a mile
You can't decide if it was ever love
You only know inside
It's her you're thinking of


Ain't nothin' new
It's just an old cliché
Comes crashing down on you every day
Crawl from the rubble
Take a look around
Your world of trouble
Just keeps spinnin' round
The credits fade
Your lover says she's leaving
You feel betrayed, there's
Something else she's needing
You take a look in the mirror
And you sigh
Life is just a party
You crash until you die