Long Shot

words and music by John Eddie

My buddy Billy is married to his honey
They gotta baby they ain't got much money
Their life's a tv
only gets one channel
High school trophies fading on the mantel
Lately she's been crying
He's been going out a lot
And she don't wanna know
She don't wanna know
Lost on a love long shot

Long shot
There ain't no guarrentees
Long shot
I know you best believe
Long shot
Roll the dice and pray
love will come your way

My little sister
is going with some loser
Sometimes I think he just wants to use her
He takes her out
she comes back a mess
the more I know him
the more I like him less
Young girls they don't listen
Some lipstick and they think they're hot
Well soon they're gonna find
there's so much on the line
When you bet on a love long shot


I met you honey outside of Lena's bar
You and your girl friend were sitting on my car
You said hey boy
how's about a date
now two months later
you tell me that your late
I don't know I've been thinkin
Marriage ain't all that bad
And now I know it ain't a thrill
I kinda of love you still
your the only chance I have