Lost Along The Way

words and music by John Eddie

Well my pride's been more than swallowed
Hell, I'm chokin' on it now
All my victories ring hollow
All my failures scream profound
I can't believe I followed
The dream that would drag me down
Now if the angels ask if I'll go
Well, who am I to turn them down

And I can't help thinking
I got lost along the way
I can't help thinking
I'm a goner come the Judgement Day
When my ship's done sinking
Will it wash these sins away
Can I still believe
I'll be received if I get down on my knees and pray

My heart's been more than broken
The damn thing's been condemned
Too many kind words left unspoken
To lovers, family, and friends
You live your life half hoping
There'll be time to make amends
Well when you write the script
Well you can't bitch 'bout the way the movie ends


My welcome's more than worn out
Now they're showin' me the door
There was a time I would have stormed out
Instead of crawling on all fours
But I was looking for the page
I'd torn out
Of The Good Book that I ignored
I want a ticket to the gates of Heaven
But it's more than I can afford


Can't help thinkin'