Love of My Life

words and music by John Eddie

She throws a kiss
She turns around and throws a fit
She's got some old boyfriend that don't know when to guit
She never cries when the movie's sad
She's cried enought she says it just a drag
I wanna give her what she doesn't have

She's the love of my life
She'll be the death of me yet
The love of my life
She's making me a wreck
The one in my dreams
A thousand starry nights
For every kiss she gives
I wish she'd kiss me twice
And be the love of my life

She's got secrets
She drinks too much and screams them
The things she loves
If they're not real
she dreams them
stays out late when she knows I'll call
sometimes she don't come home at all
Well was she pushed or did she fall
that night


Well she's mine
she' mine

Well send a postcard please
could you tell me how she's doing
I got some memories only a guy like me could ruin
Patsy Cline on a perfect day
I wanna love her but she's gone away
she the kind that will never stay and fight
She'll never stay and fight
Well she's the love of my
love of my life


love of my life
love of my life
love of my life
love of my life