Middle of No Where

words and music by John Eddie

Well in a heart break joint full of New York dolls
Got an angel saying heaven's close enough to call
her beds too big and her boyfriend's gone
wanna tell her that I'm taken but I'm not that strong
Last round
Well she puts her glass down
We kiss our prides goodbye

What luck we're stuck in the middle of no where
Two clowns broke down in the middle of no where
There's not one living soul
It's just us and we're getting old
It sure gets cold in the middle of no where

Well now you wake up shaking next to God knows who
Had a few too many then another few
Depending on the kindness of a stranger's kiss
Prentending she's a friend and that she's worth the risk
Lost nights spent running stop lights
i'm headin for a crash


Dark corner kisses sometimes they draw blood
Your not suspicious when you're starved for love
Your conscious screams out something you don't wanna know
So you just hold her close
closer closer
hold her close
closer now