words and music by John Eddie

Well a shoot-'em-up cowboy is what I'm gonna be, uh huh
I'm gonna rescue ya darlin' just like the cavalry, uh huh
I'm gonna take you sugar
I know just where
We're gonna dance like Ginger and Fred Astaire
It's PAYDAY darlin' now ain't we a pretty pair

Well I look real pretty in my hundred-dollar suit, uh huh
I bought a dozen red roses for my number-one cutie, uh huh
I'm gonna give you girl the things you want
Candlelight kisses, ritzy restaurant
It's PAYDAY darlin'
What we've got I guess we'll flaunt

Cause it's PAYDAY
Tell the boss to get outta my way
Won't take no orders till Monday
Tell the boss I'm gonna dance
With my steady girlfriend
Shakin' all weekend
Man, I'm makin' so much money
Come on girl and dance with me, honey, tonight

I honk the horn and you come a runnin', uh huh
well I say you're pretty ugly but you know i'm only funnin, uh huh
When I've got you girl in my front seat
I've got J. Paul Getty and his kind beat
It's PAYDAY darlin'
Lord we're rich beyond belief


PAYDAY... Here's some flowers for you
PAYDAY... Here's some candy for you
PAYDAY... Ah girl here's some me for you