The Pourin' Rain

words and music by John Eddie

I wish I could forget the better times
She's up there, dancin' with a friend of mine
I bet they're doin' all the things that we've never done
I bet they're wonderin' where the cryin's comin' from

Here in the pourin' rain
Heaven must be sad
Ain't it a cryin' shame
When somethin' pretty turns bad
You call your baby's name
You're wantin' somethin' that you just can't have
You spend your nights callin' your baby's name
Here in the pourin' rain

My hands shake, my heart breaks, everytime they shut the lights
I can't see what's killin' me but it's an ugly sight
I can't hear the whispered words between each kiss
The same words she spoke to me
You know the ones that I miss


You end up sleeping with the past
When there's nothing else you have to throw your arms around
When somethin' real just walks away
You hit your knees and pray that it's the dream that counts
Cause in the dream she wears a long white dress
She wears my ring on a chain of gold
We share the kiss that the preacher blessed
She stays around until my dream grows old

If I could find the mand inside of me
Lord I'd set things straight
If she was half the friend she used to be
Now, but it's too late
With a little luck
This pourin' rain's bound to disappear with a little luck
Tomorrow night it'll be him out here

Here in the pourin' rain