Pretty As Sin

words and music by John Eddie

Some boys say love wears a white stetson
Some say love's a trap that drags you in
She steps out of a dream
Like the one I've just seen
With pale blue eyes of a girl pretty as sin

Said she's got someone
but these days she's been restless
When she lies awake at night she don't think of him
she says lately it's been me
in her thoughts where she runs free
and I believed all the lies of a girl pretty as sin

Pretty as Sin
she's tempting me
showing me things I wanna see
I'm falling from grace
I'm falling from grace
I pray that she's falling for me

Some boys talk but these days I don't listen
I walk away from battles that I can't win
Cause I swear loves a ghost
that disappears when you get close
Just a faded lines of a girl pretty as sin

Pretty as sin
Pretty as sin


Pretty as sin
Pretty as sin
And I'm....
And I pray...