When Love Turns Mean

words and music by John Eddie

Looks like we've done it
Count the tears from the words we said
There's no running from it
Call it murder, honey, this heart's dead
Let's write it off to tragedy
I'll blame you
You blame me
But let's leave it
Honey we don't need it
Sad truth it's an ugly scene
I don't wanna stick around

When love turnsmean
Roses die and the phone don't ring
A lonely cry bringing tears that sting
When love turns mean

Say goodbye my baby
Keep you kisses, honey, to yourself
Every kiss you gave me
Had the taste of someone else
Every promise made we broke like glass
What was pretty babe, well we just trashed
No mercY
He cursed you, you cursed me
Breaks comin' down
Darlin' make it clean
I don't wanna get hurt girl


We'll miss what's pretty and forget what did us in
Some lonely nights gonna tempt us girl
To start the whole mess up again
You set the trap when you push me back
Sayin' boy can you make me scream
We're scared to death of waking up
Next to nothin' but a love turned mean
Love turns mean

These nights last too long
I've got this movie running through my dreams
The story starts out so strong
It falls apart at the final scenes
There's a pretty girl in an old phone booth
On a Texas road, sayin'
What's the truth, what's real boy
Is this the way it feels boy
Should've gotten married
Shoud've stayed sixteen
But your heart grows old so fast
When darlin' love turns mean