It's a Wonderful Life

words and music by John Eddie

Well my steady girl,
well she aint the flirtin kind
to love another would never cross her mind
she's got looks
she's got brains
and soon someday we'll share the same last name...

it's a wonderful life

Well my hunk of junk..
well yeah it runs just like a top
you know it's just a thrill
to ride it round the block
yeah it's super fine..
not a spec of rust
I'm gonna leace this town in a cloud of dust

It's a wonderful...
yeah it's a wonderful life..
the good lord gave to me..
yeah it's a wonderful life...

praise glory be yeah hell yeah..yeah, yeah,yeah

I got a dog..
and that dog ain't got no fleas...
you know he smells like a rose..
at least he does to me..
he don't get in the trash..
and yeah it's understood...
don't bring me the paper less the news is good
I swear...
i'ts a wonderful life


Well my steady girl..
ran off with some other guy...
they stole my car..
hit my dog and watched him die..
I ran out the door..
i tripped and fell
they drove off laughing hard as hell
I swear...
It's a wonderful life

It don't take much
these days to buy a gun...
you just fill out some forms..
pretty soon boy you got one...
you know the liquor store..
it sells courage cheap...
I'm gonna lie my problems down to sleep