John Eddie

Same Old Brand New Me

Bio 2014







“I left home when i was fifteen looking to make some noise with a bullet mic and a six string and some other lost country boys”


You can read these lyrics from John Eddie’s southern rock anthem

“Country In My Blood” and pretty much picture how his musical

journey began.


Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, John Eddie DID leave home at the tender age of fifteen and sure as hell DID make a whole lot of noise along the way to the release of his new cd, “Same Old Brand New Me”.


Cutting his musical teeth in southern road houses and east coast

beach bars, John Eddie honed his songwriting skills and stage

craft, wrangling himself a couple of record deals while he was at it. He

built a dedicated following of faithful fans who saw themselves in the

stories he delivered soaked in the sounds of countrified bar band rock

n roll.


Early shows had him opening for the likes of Bob Seger and U2. The

last few years has seen him sharing the stage with such heavyweights

as Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson and Jake Owen. The Boss

himself, Bruce Springsteen has jumped onstage many times to jam

with John and his road tested Dirty Ol’ Band.


On the roller coaster of his career so far, John Eddie has had enough

big breaks, hard luck, new beginnings, false starts, serious adventure

and big fun to inspire a boxed set’s worth of country songs. He’s had

the sort of life - often hard-scrabble, occasionally charmed - that other

artists only imagine, or have someone else write about for them.


Certainly one of the high points of that roller coaster ride has been

the one and only Kid Rock discovering John’s songwriting and

thinking enough of it to record his songs “Lowlife ( Living The

Highlife)” on his multi platinum Rock And Roll Jesus Album and the

growing older but not up anthem “Forty”.


Most recently Kid Rock put his American Bad Ass treatment to John

Eddie’s “Happy New Year” which was the second single from Kid

Rocks Rebel Soul CD. It was also the basis for a hilarious Kid Rock

video starring none other than Cindy Crawford!


This seal of approval from the Rock N Roll Jesus himself has

kick started a new phase in the career of John Eddie. Writing for other



Since moving to Nashville, John has been fortunate enough to see his

songs recorded by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar,

Grammy winner James Otto and new country sensation Brantley



One of John Eddie’s proudest moments was seeing “More Than

Miles” the heartbreaking ballad he co wrote with Brantley, have a long

successful run on the country charts ending up in the top ten for

several weeks.


The move to Music City USA was also the inspiration for John Eddie’s

latest release, “Same Old Brand New Me.”


What started out as song demos for other artists turned into one of

John’s most personal works to date. 18 songs about growing old,

broken hearts and excessive drinking.


From the gentle intimacy of “Your Love” to the brutal honesty of “If

Only They Could See Me Then,” the lyrics and bitter sweet melodies

draw you in to the stories being told.


And just when you think things are getting too serious, John and the

band he assembled out of Nashville’s best players, kick into the

country fried rockers that you just know will be the soundtrack to

many a drunken Saturday nights to come. From the raucous bar room

confessional “I’m Still Drunk” to the single entendre, x rated “Real

Big Deck”. these songs are meant to be played loud and with a bottle



Sometimes joyous, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes it’s more

than just a bunch of songs...grab yourselves a cold one and share the

stories on “Same Old Brand New Me” the latest release from John