“How can you not root for a guy who sings “I guess I’m f---king 40/That’s what my mamma said/But Bruce Springsteen’s f---ing 53/And the Stones are almost dead”?... Who The Hell is a helluva second act, full of songs that play footsie with cliché and make her shine like a honky-tonk angel… The Strangely beautiful “Play Some Skynyrd” is the sound of a

bar-band lifer converting biker-dud hecklers into true believers. B+”



“…he attacks heartbreak with a wicked sense of humor.”



“…the Uncle-Tupelo-couldn’t-have-done-it-better alt-country burner “Shithole Bar”
and the sardonically ominous “Jesus Is Coming” are just two of nine more

songs where Eddie shows, regardless of who or how many are listening, that
he’s giving it hell.”




“…Eddie hasn’t lost his knack for bitterly funny roots rock.”


“John Eddie is a badass… Eddie writes like a cowboy poet, a rock ‘n’ roller and a country

tunesmith all rolled into one. Part Steve Earl, part Guy Clark, part Springsteen, John
Eddie is one hell of an artist, and if you didn’t already know him, you will soon.”


“Eddie hits the mark with a sledgehammer. He channels the eccentric story telling

of John PrineWho The Hell Is John Eddie (is) so damn good it hurts.”




“…pungent songs imbued with earthy heartland twang and soulfulness…”



“…making a promising comeback with a terrific new country-tinged album… His two hour
plus show is a roundhouse kick to rock-and-roll cynicism, a high-spirited affair led by a man who seems intent on giving the audience its money’s worth and having a great time

doing so.”



“…an album rich with details of assorted dreams, wishes, romances and regrets… stripped down, clever, funny, heart breaking and foot-stomping all at the same time.”



“You may not yet know this beautiful balladeer, but you will soon. Musically, he mines

Americana, heartland rock, and balladry.  Paired with his workmanlike poetry, it begs

Another question: Why haven’t we heard of him sooner?”